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Famic Marine Pacific 36 Fly (2021)
(Code 616877)
229,703 EUR
Technical details

Navigation category

B - Offshore




11,18 Mt


3,90 Mt


0,78 Mt


VAT not included

Max onboard people


Max speed

45 Kt

Fuel tank

600 Lt

Water tank

280 Lt

Tubular size

2 x 400 Hp -
Length out all 11.18 mt
Type-approval length 9.99 mt
Hull width 3.00 mt
Width in accordance with iso standards 3.90 mt
Tubular diameter 67 cm
Tubular compartments 8 Polyester tubulars ORCA' Pennel & Flipo high tenacity 1670 dtex
Engine power f.b.max 2 x 500 hp
Engine foot height f.b. Xl - XXl Power max engines e.f.b. ( gasoline ) 2 x 400 hp Power max engines e.f.b. ( diesel ) 2 x 320 hp
1 ) Comfort 3,650 kg, ( 2 ) Elegant 3,750 kg, ( 3 ) Luxury 4,050 kg
Sleeling and eye-catching in its aesthetic lines, the Pacific 36 represents the natural evolution of the " Pacific " series.
the large side windows give it a modern and sporty design, hiding from the eye its generous deck structure.
This vessel, with its 9.99 metres in length, makes the most of the type-approval limit of the vessel category,
its size does not prevent it from giving unexpected performance by touching 40 knots with the flagship engines,
reaching already at 9 knots the glide, giving a cruising speed in total comfort of more than 30 knots.
Like the entire " Pacific " series, it is also characterized by the use of semitubularies, in this model even sectioned with 4 separate air chambers,
which joined the characteristic construction with the " T " anti-collision of the bow, making it extremely safe in navigation and almost unsinkable.
Able to cope with the most adverse sea conditions thanks to its particular hull design able to fend off the waves without any difficulty in total safety.
With its features of safety, sportsmanship, speed, liveable spaciousness on board and thanks to its homologation up to 50 miles from the coast,
make it ideal for large-scale cruises, also thanks to the autonomy given by its 2 tanks with a total capacity of 600 L,
both versions and with engines in or out of board. The deck offers livable spaces of considerable size, creating a very versatile outdoor linving environment,
its two aft "L" sofas, easily transformable into a single sofa, using the connection,
and by lowering the two correspondence tables, they turn into two generous sundecks or even a single huge sundeck,
its aft beach offers a widely exploitable terrace on the sea (two separate beaches in the version with overboard engines),
under the driver's seat there are 2 refrigerators or an ice maker (optional if the internal fridge already exists),
the sink cabinet at the side of the driver's seat can accommodate a comfortable two-fire hob (optional if the internal one is already present).
The pru-a sundeck, easily accessible via the side walkways is wide and gene-roso, equipped with storage compartments gives an additional environment to live even in navigation.
The availability of technical equipment, present as standard on the boat, is remarkable,
all easily controllable and manageable through the instrument panel under deck and easily accessible.

Number of cabins


Number of baths


Cabins beds


Total beds

Cabins typology
1 x Double Queen Size
1 x Dinette
1 x Double V-bow
1 x Toilets